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What’s the best voting method?

There is no best voting method. You can always find a specific situation where a given voting method produces the wrong result. However, whereas in general there is no perfect voting method, in practice there are voting methods that can be worse or better for you and your organization. Here are a few suggestions to […]

24 Free e-Books on FLOSS, Social Media and the Information Society

I have compiled a list of free ebooks on Social Media, Open Source and the Information Society that I’ve been reading in the last few years. You can download the PDF’s from the links below. I hope you enjoy. 1. The Future of the Internet – And How to Stop It Jonathan Zittrain This extraordinary […]

Free Media Centers and Home Theater PC’s

Between June and September a good part of my time went into compiling a comparative study on FLOSS Media Center applications. Through an extensive research and contact with the communities of each project, I identified the 10 projects promising great innovation in this segment, which is still embryonic in Brazil and in part of Europe […]